You are you and I am me


Because you’re a raging storm and I’m a light rain
you’re a supernova and I’m a white dwarf
you’re an abyssal ocean and I’m a shallow puddle
you’re the sunshine and I’m the shadow
you’re a whole book and I’m a mere page
you’re a hurricane and I’m a breeze
you’re a planet and I’m an island
you’re the bright lights and I’m the dull ones
you’re a field of flowers and I’m a bed of weeds
you’re profound and I’m mundane
you’re ceaselessly incandescent and I’m helplessly opaque
you’re everlasting and I’m ephemeral
you’re the evening wishes and I’m a passing thought
you’re a poem and I’m a word
you’re the sunsets and the sunrises and I’m nothing but a witness to your beauty.


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Sorry but not sorry


Sorry – for limited time only.
May apply to something I said when I was hungry.
Or angry. Or before I had coffee.
Maybe I am sorry I am awesome.
Or sorry I am not. Whatever.
Not responsible for any damages resulting from unnecessary drama.
Provided ” as is” so take it or leave it.
Results may vary.
Terms and conditions apply. O
ther restrictions

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To a dreamful tomorrow


Life is about waking up each day to discover something new,
about meet same people but making new conversation,
walking through old roads but still feeling nice about it,
realizing that you have grown a day older but still feeling young at heart
meeting busy schedules but still finding time to smile,
being nostalgic about gone days but looking forward to better days
being happy with what life has in store for you but still
loooking forward to a dreamful tomorrow

This one is for you Shibani
Have a wonderful birthday!

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Edge of your world


The phrase ‘living on the edge’…
I always wondered, the edge of what?
If it’s ‘of your world,’ your world must
be flat to begin with.


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Fading Time


We take pictures and tape them to our walls as if they will hold our hearts in the right place and remind us to laugh before we fall asleep. We pin them to our sleeves and hope that someone else will look at them and tell us we are beautiful. we play with angles and lights and clothes and hair just for a snapshot that we can show our children in ten years so they can make fun of it all, but that won’t matter to us because our memories will not be dated. We will cherish our overexposed selfies taken at midnight by the pool and the candid shots taken with an old film camera on the fourth of july. We will capture our old boyfriends and best friends and faces we have forgotten and fights we have forgiven and and hang them on our walls until they tire away and fade into the wallpaper. And on a saturday night after too much wine we will find them again, aching to be returned to the soul once more.

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The Moment We Shined


They say that there are two types of happiness.
One is a happiness that you realize after the fact
and the other is a happiness you feel in the moment.
That happiness you feel in the moment is so precious
that they say that the memories of this kind of happiness
can stay with you and enlighten your life.
Maybe we’ll go on remembering this moment today,
like that kind of happiness…
that we can remember for the rest of our lives,
the moment when we shined.

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Truth About Life


Sometimes, our hearts hurt more than we reveal.
Sometimes, our smiles lack the feelings in which we conceal.
Sometimes, what we hide is who we are.
And sometimes, where we are supposed to be is not very far.
But who we are is what we show because to the world, that is what we bestow.
It’s like a rainy day in the month  of May – unwanted, but expected; vulnerable, but protected.
We walk on the edge in hopes of not falling. But if we do, we know it’s our calling.
As laughter sweeps the lives of many, tears embody the hearts of plenty.
Fill our lives with hopes and joys, dreaming of maintaining one’s poise.
We strive to be who we want to be, but it’s affected by that of which people see.
Truth unfolds in the lies of some, while lies unfold of what some become.
Whatever life brings, the heart should be what always sings.
No more echoes from those around you,
time to learn from all you’ve been through – a love once loved, or a hurt you forever have shoved.
A lesson comes with each mistake, and a lesson comes with each compliment.
Always be real and never fake. Never hide a moment, and in each moment, take a breath.
If you must, let the tears fall. If you must, punch down each and every wall.
Life is a path in which each must take. Which ones you choose is a choice you must make.


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When I was young, I expected people to give me more than they could – continuous friendship and permanent emotion.

Now I have learn to expect less of them than they can give – a silent companionship

                                    - Albert Camus, Notebooks

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Let me tell you this: if you meet a loner,
no matter what they tell you,
it’s not because they enjoy solitude.
It’s because they have tried
to blend into the world before,
and people continue to disappoint them

Jodi Picoult, My Sister’s Keeper

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Don’t look back


…but memories got left behind while you kept walking on
everytime you had to retrace your steps further to return to your memories
and sometimes it was betternot to turn back at all.

Dalene Matthee, Fiela’s Child

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