Best Friend


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A best friend is an unexpected soulmate. A best friend is a tiny gift of sparkle that life gives you. What makes finding a best friend so special and unforgettable is the fact that you don’t ask the universe to meet this person; instead they just appear in your life. And if you’re lucky, they’re there for many years. In my opinion, most human beings are grateful to their best friends. Some times we forget to thank our family or lover, but a different type of connection occurs with platonic love. It’s almost stronger, because you don’t want to disappoint this stranger, who knows you as well as you know yourself. You don’t give this person kisses or promises of eternal love, but you do give them unguarded perception of yourself.

Solitude is Bliss


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Being alone doesn’t mean being lonely. For me, I feel like there is more personal freedom when I’m alone, because I’m free to do whatever I like, however I like to do it. Although admittedly there are times when I’ll lament over how great it would be if there is someone beside who’ll accompany me, but if the person beside me is not the person that I want, then I’d very much rather be alone and indulge myself in solitude. It is really satisfying to have that space to yourself. Solitude is bliss.

– The Pursuit of Happiness


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